This needs to be said...! 


"Thank you for a fabulous facial. I'm glowing from ear to ear. I never, ever will take for granted that I am in the hands of greatness when I am in your office. Your knowledge, application and attention to detail to treat & beautify your clients utilizing safe & sumptuous products can never be underestimated. It's not just the great products it's the knowledge & years of experience of a trained professional to produce the highest level of excellence without spending a fortune. I only wish I had a bigger platform to let woman know that the best esthetician in Arizona is right in their own back yard in Scottsdale. You are amazing."

     — Margaret

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I'm so glad I found Kara! 


"Not only is she highly knowledgeable, sweet and caring, she gives me the perfect brows and lashes every time! I have been getting my blonde lashes and brows done for 15 years, by popular stylists in Beverly Hills and Hollywood, CA. When I moved back to Arizona I was hoping to find someone comparable, and she surpasses them all!! Her tint is safe, lasts long, and only takes minutes to apply. Her waxing is also friendly, which is super important to me with my sensitive skin. Kara is the best! Her knowledge in skincare and facial treatments is impressive, which makes it easy for me to refer my friends to her. Best experience!"


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